Obama Advisor Wants You To Forget About That Time She Called Hillary a …

Samantha Power, the woman who was kicked off the Obama campaign for calling Hillary Clinton "a monster" is profiled in today's Times. Power is extremely sorry about her "inexcusable" and "hateful" comments and hopes that the world will allow her to move on. She says she's "resisting the urge to retreat from the public eye."… » 3/16/08 4:00pm 3/16/08 4:00pm

Hooker's Myspace Friend May Have Pissed Her Off

"Mysterious" the Queens rapper who starred in a music video with Ashley Alexandra Dupré, recently appeared on the Today Show and Access Hollywood to "defend" his friend. "Mysterious" told the Today Show gang that he and Ashley are "tight like a family," but Myspace messages sent from "Mysterious" to Dupré last night indicate that… » 3/16/08 12:15pm 3/16/08 12:15pm

Failed Gawker Editor Wrote The Times' "Crash Course in Online Gossip"

One unremarked aspect to that JuicyCampus article in the Times today is that it was written by Richard Morgan. Remember him? Morgan's the guy who quit Gawker after one day. Denton said he "spluttered out" after being unable to handle the site's fast pace, but Morgan claimed he quit because he wanted no part of all this… » 3/16/08 11:35am 3/16/08 11:35am

Mike Bloomberg Enjoys Musical Theater and Spandex

At last night's Inner Circle bash for the City Hall Press Corps, the Mayor performed with the cast of the campy Broadway roller-disco musical Xanadu. Bloomberg wore two ridiculous costumes that belong to two different City tribes— the gays and the hipsters. At left, an absolutely flaming photo of the Mayor in… » 3/16/08 10:15am 3/16/08 10:15am